Load and Play in Random Order

  • Tobien Rieper

    Tobien Rieper - 2008-03-18

    well as everybody do in their posts I wanna first say big thanks to mp3blaster develop team !!!

    Now to the issue I have:
    I was trying to do some startup script to load and play the music immediately I log into my machine. Play list saved as
    all.lst in ~/.mp3blaster_playlists containing all my music mp3s...

    Load and play automatically works fine:
            mp3blaster  -a ~/.mp3blaster_playlists/all.lst

    But when I was trying to set shuffle automatically on, using the switch --playmode like:
            mp3blaster  --playmode allrandom -a ~/.mp3blaster_playlists/all.lst

    I found following:

    1.) When I use -p instead --playmode, help is printed to the shell, hence -p is not recognized I think...
    2.) It is not working like I assumed... I can see that shuffle is set: "Global Playback: Shuffle all songs from all groups" but no shuffle is used. Player plays songs in normal order...

    Program version:

    mp3blaster version 3.2.3 - http://mp3blaster.sourceforge.net/
    Supported audio formats: mp3 wav ogg
    Supported audio output drivers: oss sdl
    Build features: pthreads

    Thank you.

    • Houlecorn

      Houlecorn - 2009-06-03

      What seems to be working for me is the following syntax : either "--playmode=option" or "-p option" (without the = ). Other syntax fails.

      Currently using mp3blaster version 3.2.5
      Supported audio formats: mp3 wav ogg
      Supported audio output drivers: oss
      Build features: pthreads

      Hope it helps.

      • Tobien Rieper

        Tobien Rieper - 2009-07-14

        Yes, I have tested all these:
        --playmode allrandom
        -p allrandom

        Only the last one leads to an error - help is printed.
        When I set the playmode when mp3blaster is runing - its OK, shuffle is ON and working. But when I try set shuffle on start, for example:

        mp3blaster -p allrandom -l all.lst

        shuffle is ON, BUT not working ...


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