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Mp3blaster update

  • Bram Avontuur

    Bram Avontuur - 2005-12-07

    Mp3blaster is still being worked on, although in the recent years activity has been rather low.

    I've switched to Sourceforge for hosting the project, and added a new release to boot. Enjoy.

    • redduck666

      redduck666 - 2006-01-16

      as someone who likes mp3blaster i would like to thank you for re-opening the development :-)

    • Anräas Wasserbaum

      hi, mp3blaster made my day quite a few times. not only when X is refusing to work.

      Ever thought of implementing equalizer functionality?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2006-08-29

      Ive been looking for a nice player like this, there is no other way to manage large mp3 collections.

      Thanck you por this great program.

    • Bernhard Reutner-Fischer

      Hi brama.

      Some time ago, i sent 4 (IIRC) patches for mp3blaster.

      Please let me refer you to

      1) [patch] fix segfault on vt100 terminals
      2) [patch] mp3blaster doesn't honor terminals transparency
      3) [patch] accepts invalid values for yesno configs
      4) [patch] Add 'readonly' mode

      If need be, i can resend these patches to the sourceforge list (not sure if there is one, though).

      Furthermore, it would be very handy if we could svn or cvs that is available on sourceforge so folks could easily checkout the current source (at least for the "old" version).

      Thanks in advance and kind regards,

    • Bernhard Reutner-Fischer

      I have stored abovementiond patches also in the sourceforge "patches" section:
      Please apply or let me know if you want me to change something.



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