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Reference Release .6ref

With this latest release I'm headed towards a "mini-mozpos" release that will be fully functional (tho' not yet), and fully self-reliant. It can now be accessed directly from your Mozilla Tools menu. It also now comes with an inventory browsers that can be run via:
mozilla -chrome chrome:/inv-viewer/content/

Posted by Alexey Zilber 2003-02-13

Help Needed

I am looking for Javascript and XML (XUL) developers or anyone familiar with the Mozilla Framework. Please help! There's even a potential of being paid for this. No, really. :-)

Posted by Alexey Zilber 2003-01-29

Reference Release 2

I've skipped ref1 and went straight to 2. This is a reference for a regular crt/lcd screen. Release 3 will be for the touch-screen, while 4 will hopefully incorporate both and we can move fully into a real Alpha phase.

Posted by Alexey Zilber 2003-01-29