#2 More options for notifying (Pidgin)


At the moment you can choose either to notify for all IM messages and/or messages on active window.

I'd like to see functionality similar to MSN Messenger, so that only new conversations (those that do not have a window/tab open) will show the notification. Also clicking on the notification could open the conversation window it's notifying.


  • salle

    salle - 2008-10-13

    Also there's one really annoying bug/feature. When you get disconnected and Pidgin automatically reconnects, you'll see notifications for every single contact that is online.

  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2008-10-25

    The second request will be part of the next release ;)

  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2008-10-25

    @: sallezzz fixed your added second comment (reregistering floods with notifications) and it will be changed in the next release (on reregistering PidginSnarl will behave like as one the startup)

  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2008-10-25
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2008-10-25

    oh no, got it wrong - have to see if I can react on disconnected accounts - fixed it for Snarl restart until now...


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