#26 on-click settings not being applied


I've installed Snarl and the ThunderSnarl extension for Thunderbird. I'm having a difficult time setting it up correctly.

Even though I have tried to set preferences in both Snarl>settings>apps>Thundersnarl, and in Thunderbird>Addons>Thundersnarl>options
some of the settings that I try are not being applied.

I cannot:

- Get the click-on-alert options to do anything, although I have set them in the thundersnarl>options>on-click dialog tab.

Am I doing something wrong? Any idea what I am doing wrong?

(I am using TB version (20100228); WinXP)

Please email response to paul@insitewebsite.com

Thanks for your help!


  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2010-04-23
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2010-04-23

    Hm - from reading what you did it should work fine. If the problem stays I could create a small testing version which shall give some debug notifications so we can figure out where the problem is located.

    Have to say didn't test on-click-settings on TB 2 in the last releases but also didn't that code in that time.

  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2010-04-24

    Reproducable here on my installation!

  • Sven Walther

    Sven Walther - 2010-04-24

    First idea: Windows and/or 64 Bit - what are you using?


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