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Mozilla Html Parser Version 0.2 released

Hi All
I am happy to announce that a new Html parser version is now available for download at
The new version contains major bug fixes , in addition to backwards compatibility enhancements.

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2008-01-21

Mozilla Html Parser Version 0.1.7 released

Hi there parser users.
I am glad to announce that a new version is available. it includes some small fixes mainly for windows users.

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-07-30

Mozilla Parser code is now browseable threw

We are happy to announce that has accepted MozillaParser to it's project community. The code can now be viewed and searched on the web ar

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-03-30

Mozilla Java Html Parser v-0-1-5 released

Hi All
I am glad to announce that version 0.1.5 is on the loose. The most significant improvement is that the html parser is now fully parallelized . Performance has increased in ~30% , and it is now scalable to use the Mozilla Java Html Parser.

Ohad Serfaty

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-02-19

Java Mozilla Html Parser v.0.1.2 released

Hi guys
I am happy to announce that version 0.1.2 is ready for testing. many bugs that are related to html parsing were fixed , plus the size of the mozilla-components-base has decreased and it is now attached to the source files for comfort.

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-02-07

Mozilla Java Html Parser web site released

find all about Mozilla Java Html Praser at

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-01-17

MozillaHtmlParser v.0.1 released

We are happy to announce that there is a new java html parser that is based on Mozilla's Html parser.

Posted by Ohad Serfaty 2007-01-16