Windows 7 unsatisfied link error?

  • steve labar

    steve labar - 2009-08-31

    I have the following code that  worked on xp

             final String BASE_PATH = "C:/Users/Steve/workspace/MozillaParser-v-0-3-0/MozillaParser-v-0-3-0/dist/windows/MozillaParser.dll";
             String mozillaBin = "C:/Users/Steve/workspace/MozillaParser-v-0-3-0/bin";
             MozillaParser.init(BASE_PATH, mozillaBin);

    I set my Paths to components and mozilla  bin

    tried setting Djava.library.path=. to my mozillaparser.dll path as same as the base_path above...  did not need this for my windows xp

    and i get this error:

    Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\Steve\workspace\MozillaParser-v-0-3-0\MozillaParser-v-0-3-0\dist\windows\MozillaParser.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

    any ideas?


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