#7 Patches to turn Movix2 into MoviXine


Here are two patches to modify the scripts in the
src/movix directory and the src/isolinux directory.
I suggest applying each patch by cd'ing into each
respective directory and patching with 'patch -p0 <
The patches will only modify the text files in each
Note that I have removed the 'samba.tgz' file from

The versions of the various software and libraries in
the initrd.gz file are:
libdvdread 0.9.3
libdvdnav 0.1.3
xine-dvdnav 0.9.13
xine-lib 0.9.13
xine-ui 0.9.13

I also placed in the initrd.gz file appropriate
versions of the libraries that the software above was
linked to as shown by the output of ldd. I removed
those library versions no longer needed because there
was no Mplayer binary anymore.

I added the binaries of 'xvinfo' and 'tail'. I added
these as dependencies of the script 'xine-check' which
gets installed when Xine is built. Xvinfo was not
present originally, and for some reason the 'tail'
that was a symlink to the busybox binary was causing
some funny error message to display when the
'xine-check' script ran.

I removed all xine plugins that were not needed for
xine to play a dvd image file and display the dvd
menus, because as I see it, this entire MoviXine
modification is only needed to distribute user authored
dvd movies which contain menus and navigation. For
anything else, i.e straight movies and/or video files
with other codecs, (e)Movix(2) is sufficient.

I used the specific versions of libdvdread and xine etc
because the latest versions gave me all sorts of
problems, whether I ran it on my PC or off a text
version of MoviXine.

I will try to upload the initrd.gz later on, in case
the info given above is not enough to rebuild the
initrd.gz file.


  • betelguese

    betelguese - 2003-08-16

    Patches to src/movix and src/isolinux dirs

  • betelguese

    betelguese - 2003-08-16

    Logged In: YES

    Some more notes:
    I deleted the src/Mplayer directory because there is no
    Mplayer in MoviXine :)
    I deleted mplayer related directories from the initrd.gz
    file too
    Also, here is the png of the modified splash screen, just so
    you can see what it looks like.
    So far 'MoviXine' has been distributed to just one person,
    so hopefully not too much damage has been done :)

  • betelguese

    betelguese - 2003-08-16

    Splash screen png - 2nd try at submission


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