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  • Cius

    Cius - 2005-10-18

    Okay, here's the skinny, I love movix and everything about it.  However, I don't need it all.  I've got a p75 with 16 megs of ram and a one gig hdd sitting in my closet just waiting to become an mp3 streamin machine.  But, I can't boot from cd or net (no usb either).  So, what I need (and what I suppose I'll have to make myself) is a nano distro that i can boot off floppy, install to hdd and then use to play only audio files.  Is this possible?  GUI need only be very minimal.  I just need a way to browse my collection and add to playlist.  Anyway, I'll continue looking for now, but in the end I'll either hack this up myself or...hack this up myself.  Anyway, thought this might be something the movix community might be interested in.

    • Roberto De Leo

      Roberto De Leo - 2005-11-03

      I had myself your same idea lot of time ago, while I started developing MoviX, and more generally I think that there are several interesting apps for which a movix-like distro may (and should!) be made, e.g. for lan larties games or for displaying pictures and so on.

      This particular project about an audio-only player was actually started two years ago, as a "downgrade" of movix, by some argentinian guy that contacted me and told me he was interested in working on it.

      He set up a web page for the project ( ) and released a 0.1 version but that was the last time I heard from him, so he probably got too busy and quit  :-(

      Currently I don't have time to develop MoviX so I can't help with other projects too, but of course I'd be very happy if anyone would like to go on with the Musix project  :-)
      It should be rather easy too: the work would be almost only selecting the best console mp3 player around and replacing mplayer with it in (e)MoviX  :-)

      Anybody interested out there?


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