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How to customize Movix2

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-07-26


    I am new to the Linux/Movix2 world.  I recently downloaded version 0.3.1rc1 and, after some tweaking, it worked great!  I don't know if it's me or not, but the videos look better than before....

    I would like to customize my Movix2 distribution.  For example, I would like to specify the type of video card I have (NVidia card) and eliminate the detection process of the other card types.  Same with sound and net cards, and the Mplayer skin.  Of course, this custom distribution would only work with this particular PC, but this is what I'm looking for:  minimizing the distribution, thereby minimizing the amount of RAM the distribution needs, faster loading times, etc...

    I have searched for ways to do this with Movix2, but the links I have found are not very helpful or they deal with Movix only.  Are there any useful links out there that show how to do this?  Any help out there available will be greatly appreciated.

    • Pascal Giard

      Pascal Giard - 2004-07-26

      I wrote a tool in order to do that, but it works "only" under GNU/Linux.

      As far as i know, movixisocreator doesn't allow you to customize your boot label and boot parameters...

      But, you still can do it yourself.
      You can download the tarball (.tar.gz), modify the files and create your own ISO image.

      For example, the default boot label is specified in the src/isolinux/isolinux.cfg file while your can add your favorite boot parameters to the file src/movix/bootrc .

      See the README file for more information.

      Someone might be able to get it to work under Windows, but he would have to add the Perl environment, the gtk2 libs, the gtk2-perl bindings, the xml2 libs, glade2 libs and the gtk2-gladexml-perl bindings.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-07-26

      Hello Pascal:

      Thanks for your prompt reply.  I had heard about Movixisocreator, but you're right, it doesn't let you customize the boot label and boot parameters, it just allows you to modify the iso once the files are already modified by the user, which is what I'm looking for...

      I'll have a look at the files you specify and at your own project, to see what other files I have to modify.

      Thanks again


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