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mtn-200808a released

version 200808a
- release year and month is now used as the version number.
- fix aspect ratio bugs. mtn now should behave the same as vlc's snapshot.
- bug: the Video: lines in stderr no longer show input scaling info ( => WxH).
scaling info is still shown in the final output image and the info text file.
this cannot be fixed easily.
- add -a aspect_ratio option to override input file's display aspect ratio.
- add non-seek mode -- slower but more accurate timing.
non-seek is good for small time step or small clips.
- seek or non-seek mode is auto selected and can be overridden by -z or -Z.
- fix possible extra space char after video size info of previous version.
- make shot size even. this should fix vertical dots when # of column is odd.
- output files modified since program start time will not be overwritten.
- the finding of new shots to evade blank & blur is improved.
# of skipped shots should be reduced.
- negative time step (-s) is removed. it doesn't seem to be useful.
- previous versions reported # of decoded shots/s; changed to # of final shots/s
- default info_color, background color, and jpeg quality has been changed.

Posted by tuitfun 2008-08-15