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v1.4.2 update

I just uploaded v1.4.2 which add support for even more games and environment by adding a Mouse Hooking type 2 (default and previous one is type 1). Use it when tests move the mouse weirdly (ie: for OpenArena <= 0.7.1 you must use type 1, and for OpenArena >= 0.7.6 it's type 2).

Another thing: it's probably the last update of this software since it does all I need and even more, the only missing feature is MacOSX support but at this moment it seems impossible because Python hasn't the function I need on this platform. But if someone reports me a bug or ask a feature, it will be a pleasure to make a new release :-)... read more

Posted by GrosBedo 2008-06-01

v1.4.1 out !

Hi there :)

Thank to our first feedback from travii, i made a substancial change in code to support 64-bits Windows (on Linux it should already work).

VERY IMPORTANT: I changed deeply the way MSE runs tests on Windows, so please redo a new configuration with this new release, it's NOT retrocompatible with v1.3.x releases. I don't think I will change the core test function again in the near future, but beware. Anyway I added a warning if you load an old configuration file that isn't compatible ;)... read more

Posted by GrosBedo 2008-05-25

First release out !

Hi there :-)

Today I at last found a way to fix all the bugs and make it work ! It wasn't easy but, from my own tests, it's a frank success :-)

Now you can easily export your sensitivity and keep it in a safe place or use it on another OS/computer/mouse/game easily and pretty precisely (at least it's the most precise system for this function I know at the moment ;) ).

Enjoy, and feedback to report the bugs you've found or just to tell me it's the greatest utility you've ever seen ;-)

Posted by GrosBedo 2008-05-02

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