D-cat - 2007-11-27

I'm sorry if this belongs somewhere else... I was debating putting it in feature requests, but I think some open discussion might be in order first. I have one of those phones that is recognized but refuses to connect in moto4lin... and a bunch of other programs too. The only linux program I've gotten to work with this phone is kMobileTools... but it doesn't do file managing (or P2K at all for that matter), so here I am.

This is kind of an experimental stage idea, and I have no idea if it would work in P2K mode at all, but it does work in AT mode. Basically, browsing through the code, I see the connection test relies on a getstatus function that polls the usblib for what is for all intentive purposes a carrier detect signal. These phones default to the "&C1" parameter which only claims it's online (connected) if you're connected to a remote modem. Sure, entering AT&C0 will cause the carrier to go high immediately, but it's all immediately dropped again whence switching to P2K mode (+MODE=8).

My idea is to add an option that will ignore the carrier signal and test for an affirmative response anyway; if it gets the response, it will assume the connection is good, put in place the appropriate locks and start working with the phone.