Moto4Lin Source for Updating

  • poetic_folly

    poetic_folly - 2007-04-05

    Hey, my name is poetic_folly, I am the owner of Working with s5vi, the creator of the P2k Commander Windows program which is a Motorola file browser compatible with the all the newest phones as well as the older ones (P2k and P2k05), we would like to update Moto4Lin to function more stable with current phones, and connect to the newer P2k05 phones as well.

    Where can we get source for Moto4Lin so we can begin to work in this direction?

    Any help would be appreciated, we are trying hard to further the OS X Motorola Modding community. Check out our other new programs we have out for Moto modding at

    • Marsmissions

      Marsmissions - 2007-04-09

      That is the most current stable source code i can get you from sourceforge, my laptop does not have cvs capabilities to download the newest source.

      • poetic_folly

        poetic_folly - 2007-04-09

        Thank you, I will get with my developers and see what we can hash out...


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