Tom Eicher
  • Tom Eicher

    Tom Eicher - 2006-05-28


    it was a pleasant surprise to find out that
    something is going on with Motorola phones vs.
    When I bought my V600 some 2 years ago, I was
    hoping that "in a few weeks" it would be possible
    to connect everything fine. It was not until
    Suse 9.3 that I could transfer files back and forth using bluetooth.

    Now, with your/this tool it seems to be possible
    to backup the whole phone. I would have needed
    that at least once in the past. I could restore
    both my phone book and the pictures, but the
    link between caller ID and picture was lost :-(
    (Impossible to restore manually unless you take
    a week off for that).

    BUT I still would expect that I could use
    moto4lin over bluetooth. Nearly all new phones
    have bluetooth. Is is technically impossible,
    or so much harder ? (Or does that work and I
    just read the docu wrong?)

    AND I am wonder why people are happy to just
    transfer files. Wouldn't it be cool to sync
    addresses, vcards and calendars with anything
    but Outlook on Windows ?

    Actually, I am now in a position to get a new
    mobile. (All 2 years for a moderate price with
    german contracts).

    Do you know if any of the things I lament above
    work ok with ANY current Motorola phone (with
    Linux) ?
    And if not, with any current phone of any
    manufacturer ?

    Thanks for your time ;-)

    • Dmitry Nezhevenko

      moto4lin will never work via bluetooth. P2k can work only over USB cable.

    • zamu

      zamu - 2007-07-25

      Maybe Not, i have mounted a v555 in a rfcomm. A set "/dev/rfcomm0" on Moto4lin -> Preferences -> ACM Device : . As result i get a Bluetooth connection to my cell phone, but when "Switch to P2K" button is pressed, i get:
      [info] Switching device /dev/rfcomm0 to P2K mode...
      [error] Unable to open device
      [error] Please check preferences

      The problem is, i think, AT and P2K ID's are wrong. 22b8:4902 ; 22b8:4901 work fine with USB cable. But i don't know how get those id's to work with rfcomm0.


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