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Patch for 3.1.10 - Jeroens webcam stream timeout feature

There is a new patch available which adds a new webcam stream timeout feature to Motion 3.1.10.
It also contains the webcam memory leak patch so it must be applied to a "virgin" 3.1.10.
This feature is coded by Jeroen Vreeken.
Kenneth Lavrsen has merged this new patch with a memory leak fix patch.

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2004-02-09

Patch for 3.1.10 - removes memory leak in webcam

A small memory leak has been found in 3.1.10 and 3.0.7. Motion grows round 4 kbytes when you connect to the webcam mjpeg stream. A patch is available for download.
Download the patch from the patch area at SourceForge Motion Site.
The direct link to the file
The patch is made for 3.1.10 but also works on 3.0.7. It gives a small warning about an offset when you patch but that is OK.

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2003-12-10

Motion 3.1.10 Released

Motion 3.1.10 is mainly a bugfix release.
Both runtime type errors and installation/build related issues have been fixed.
But there are also some neat new features.
- A lot of the critical code has been optimized to run faster.
- Errors are now reported to the syslog (often /var/log/messages) so that one can see how things are going while Motion runs as a daemon or has terminated from daemon mode.
- Noise tuning has been improved
- low_cpu option has been changed so instead of being an on/off feature you can give the framerate to use while being in idle mode.
- Motion now works with ffmpeg version 0.4.8

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2003-12-03

New maintainers for Motion

The original creater of Motion Jeroen Vreeken has taken up new challenges and decided to pass on the maintenance of Motion to Folkert van Heusden and Kenneth Lavrsen.

Below is the message that Jeroen sent out on the mailing list.

As of today motion has two new maintainers:
Kenneth Lavrsen will do the webpage and documentation (not much change here
and Folkert van Heusden will be the new technical project leader.
As to how Folkert wants to work with other developpers (e.g. CVS) I will
leave up to him.... read more

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2003-10-31

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