Project Management of Motion changed

In order to improve the future development of Motion, a change has been made toward managing the program as a project with more contributors.
I, Kenneth Lavrsen has accepted to take this task.

Folkert van Heusden continues on the project as a major contributor and back-up admin together with Jeroen Vreeken.
So in the future I will rely on all of you to play an important role in the future development of Motion.
Someone has to manage a project and this also means saying "no" sometimes or ask for changes. But those of you that know my work on the Motion guide knows that I am open minded and listen to proposals. I believe that the directions of Motion should be debated and I intend to let this mailing list be the instrument in doing so.

So what is the near term plan for Motion?

First the 3.0 branch is dead. The 3.0.7-1 is the last release of this branch.

At the moment we have a pretty stable 3.1.10+patches with some small bugs identified lately. And we have a 3.1.12-rc1 (on Folkerts own homepage) with some exciting new features (most of all the pre-capture feature) and some unfinished code. And we have a dosin or so bugfixes and new great features.

So here is the plan.

Jeroen has offered to spend a day on making the 3.1.12 pre-capture feature more robust. And naturally my first action and project manager is to accept this kind offer.
If all goes well we should have a 3.1.12 ready in a few days from now.
I will take care that this is released on the Sourceforge site. I will also make an update of the Motion Guide that goes with the 3.1.12.

The next step is that I will ask those of you that have released patches recently to re-make the patches based on the new 3.1.12.
The plan is to follow up with a 3.1.13 which includes among other things Ian's Despeckle feature.

And naturally in both 3.1.12 and 3.1.13 we will try and get the pure bugfix patches included as well.

When the 3.1.X branch is stable I will create two new brances.

A 3.2.X which is a stable branch and 3.3.X which is a new experimental branch.
The difference is that the stable only gets bugfixes. New features gets added to the 3.3.

Folkert and I wish to thank all those that posted patches the past months for their patience and hope that your work will benefit the project in a very near future.


Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2004-04-09

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