New maintainers for Motion

The original creater of Motion Jeroen Vreeken has taken up new challenges and decided to pass on the maintenance of Motion to Folkert van Heusden and Kenneth Lavrsen.

Below is the message that Jeroen sent out on the mailing list.

As of today motion has two new maintainers:
Kenneth Lavrsen will do the webpage and documentation (not much change here
and Folkert van Heusden will be the new technical project leader.
As to how Folkert wants to work with other developpers (e.g. CVS) I will
leave up to him.

During the last few years (Motion is now almost three and a half years old)
I have had much fun, however over the last months I have found it almost
impossible to find enough time to keep up with the patches and do any
The nice thing about free software however is that motion development
continued and will continue in my absense.... Although a bit sad to have to
let go this gives a very comforting feeling.

I would like to thank everyboddy who helped make motion what it is today
whether it was by coding, ideas or just complaining about a bug :)
especially the people on this list.
I hope with your help motion will continue to be used and grow in ways I
never imagened.

Although it may sound like it I don't inted this to be a farewell, but a

Thanks and see you later,

New people means new ideas. Folkert and I have decided to use Sourceforge more actively incl use of CVS. It is our hope to involve more people in developing Motion.
Support and communication focus continues on a mailing list. More details at

We are looking forward to the new challenges.
Folkert and Kenneth

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2003-10-31

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