Thanks for reporting it at all.  I would not know how or where to do this.  I hope this gets resolved soon.  I am thinking about installing Ubuntu, Bluecherry, the vendor for my PV-149 card has a live CD based on UBUNTU for zoneminder, it works great, just boot up and the browser opens with all my cameras configured, just have to tweak for motion detection and it works!  so I know the card is fine.
I like some of motion's capabilites and I like the gui of Zoneminder, wish we could put the two together or add the features I like of each to the other.....well....I can dream, right?
Thanks again,

On 6/13/07, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak <mjc@avtechpulse.com> wrote:
> sorry in advance for any possible disturbance. Bug report for OOS is
> great, but are you sure, that your move towards kernel.org was right?

I thought filing it upstream would be better - the Fedora (and Ubuntu,
etc) bugzillas tend to be ignored by the upstream developers. They are
appropriate for packaging issues, of course. My guess is that this is a
driver issue, which is better reported upstream.

As an example: a lot of great bug reports for gThumb are posted to the
Ubuntu bugzilla. They weren't being reported in the gnome bugzilla, so I
(a gThumb maintainer) was totally unaware of them until recently...

- Mike

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