So, it seems as if I suck. Remember how I said I have 3 thread files open and one is for the wireless cam that we use when we go away? Yeah, evidently that one had 8082 in the settings, so for whatever reason it was seeing thread3 8082 and saying unable to connect, despite the fact thread2 8082 was existent. Switched thread3 to 8083 and thread2 to 8082 and it works great now. Durp durp. I KNEW it'd be something simple.

I have another question though semi off topic to this particular issue. I see in the settings that I can independently control the fps that's coming through the webcam url to keep that lower than the actual recorded stream. That makes me wonder with something. For a while with a previous issue I was trying to figure out why Motion was recording my feeds with skipped frames. If I would be outside walking around, you'd see me jumping forward about 3-5 steps every 2 seconds. It was as if I was continually teleporting. I realized that it was due to the fact that my Linux server downstairs which runs Motion also has an LCD monitor hooked up to it. I full screen Firefox and let it run the mjpg stream so when I'm in the basement I have an active live visual of what's going on outside. The problem was it was duplicating the streams. One live for me to see in the browser, and one for Motion to record. My actual camera was getting stressed due to duplicating two 30 fps streams and that's why Motion was receiving choppy feeds. Once I turned off the browser (or switched to a 2 fps stream... my camera has 4 preset streams built in that I can customize) the issue went away entirely.

That little story above leads me into the next question. When I'm viewing the webcam stream using ip.address.of.server:8081, is the camera still duplicating streams? I.e. is it doing one stream to the browser and one stream to Motion like it was before when I was using the direct mjpg stream in the browser?

Reason I ask is I'm just wondering if Motion somehow has the capability to "forward" the singular stream it's recording from to the browser without duplicating it, or if it actually does have to duplicate it since it's two locations receiving the feed.

This seems exceptionally confusing to put into words, but while we were on the topic of this newly solved durp-durp mystery I figured I'd throw it in here and see what you guys say.

Thanks again for your quick responses. Sorry the solution was a bit of a face palm on my part.

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 4:41 PM, Jason Sauders <> wrote:
Oh yes. I've been using two cameras for the last few days without issue. In fact I even have a third thread file enabled for an indoor wireless camera that I set up when we go on vacation. It was only this afternoon that I wanted to utilize some html/css to make a custom page for myself to simultaneously view both of the outdoor streams at once.

Here's my motion.conf:

I'm downright baffled. Do I need to do any sort of work with my router? I would think I'd only have to touch my router for external access (port forwarding), no? Is there anything needed for the internal workings of ports like 8082, 8083, etc? For fun I switched the port to 90, and that too failed. 


On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 4:32 PM, John <> wrote:

In your main motion config, did you reference the config for second thread?

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