Maybe use on_motion_detected and fire off ffmpeg to capture frame(s). See

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 9:58 AM, Bryan James <> wrote:
I realize this is a somewhat bizarre request, but is there a way to have motion capture an image from a different camera (camera 2) when it detects motion on camera 1?

The reason for this is at my work we're using motion in a bit of a strange way.  In a machine shop we're using motion to detect when a machines "alert" light goes on and send an e-mail to the head of the shop if it's off-hours when the alert comes on.  This is in place and working fine, however what we'd like to do is have a second camera positioned to capture what is on the screen of the machine so that the supervisor can know what the problem is and call a member of the staff working in a different part of the building to resolve the issue or come in to resolve it himself depending on the error.


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