Hi All,

First of all I use motion too for personal use, and I like the motionDetection-tunability.
But it looks like everyone is using motion with it's own scripts, glue-ing together something which lot's of technologies he knows the best :).

Lately, some family/friends were asking for a similar surveillance-system. So I went looking for prebuilt-glued-motion solution, I'm using motionjpegViewer. But if you want to have a multi-cam live view, I need to build a new page myself, and integrate links to the 'historical' viewer... I'm glue-ing again...

So I went looking for other solutions, and stumbled upon C-MOR (http://www.c-mor.com) They have commercial systems and a free 3cam appliance which can run in VirtualBox. I installed it over the weekend, and surprisingly, all configuration options looked very similar to the motion ones... (so does the log...), but also provides web-interface for other usefull features:
-proxy to the real camera-webinterface (on the appliance-IP)
-MRTG-like graphs for bandwith & CPU usage
-user management
-various alerts

Does anyboy have experience with C-MOR ?
What is the license for C-MOR ? ( I once planned to make something similar )
Are there similar motion-based projects/products, or is it glue everywhere (don't get me wrong, glue-ing often gives you higher flexibility, but that's not what I am looking for now)