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I have MK802II and MK808 running motion.

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Build Your Own Camera

BYOC is an RK3066 based system that turns an Android Google TV player into an intelligent camera system. You can of course just use it as a wireless IP based webcam as well. Some of the advantages of using a self contained intelligent camera system are:

  1. An attached USB camera is more reliable than most wifi cameras as it relates to connectivity and FPS consistency.
  2. A wider selection of camera resolutions and features for the money. You can build a high definition camera (1280x720) for less than $100 US (I paid $77.71 with free shipping). You can also choose the USB camera that fits the application at hand. Swap out the camera for a fraction of an IP based equivalent.
  3. Resilience in terms of network connectivity which isn't required to capture video. Once network services are restored the video files can be transferred via email, SCP, etc. Most IP based cameras do not have storage hence you lose the video stream during the outage. Your BYOC camera can last hours or days without network connectivity!
  4. Distributed processing saves you from having a system powerful enough to capture all of your camera's video streams and process them. The camera can run the same software as a full size system, so in essence you do not need a central PC for processing video streams.
  5. Being based on a popular Linux distribution allows for easy customization instead of the crappy Chinese software on most cheap IP based cameras. You can even load a GUI desktop for management if desired.
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