Change the source to check for modulo 8 instead of 16 in netcam.c and recompile. It should really be fixed in trunk but hasn't been yet.

Sack fixed it in video_common.c but not in netcam.c in this commit:

On 20 April 2013 09:40, Philippe Collignon <> wrote:
I am using motion Version 3.2.12,

2013/4/20 Philippe Collignon <>

That url is better :

But now I face another issue with big images .. of 1080pix height
because 1080 is not modulo 16 ?!?!

How can motion register 1920x1080 pictures ???

Thanks in advance

2013/4/19 Philippe Collignon <>

Anyone using DCS-2210 working with motion
With the netcam url http://ip/video1.mjpg it does not work.

In the meanwhile I found this insteresting link that I have to try this evening.

It tells to use undocumented url : http://ipcamaddress:port/image/jpeg.cgi 

I give you a feedback soon :


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