Would love such a patch :)

On 31 July 2010 08:09, Wim Lewis <wiml@hhhh.org> wrote:
I've been hacking on Motion to make it able to use the video capture APIs
on OSX (which are a part of quicktime). For the most part this has been
pretty straightforward; all the Mac-specific code goes into a separate
file and exports the same vid_FOO() functions as the V4L code.

Where it spills over into the rest of Motion is in configure.in and
Makefile.in. I've needed to add tests and options for my code, of course,
but I also tried to generalize some of the existing uname-based tests into
behavior-based tests, to avoid the proliferation of complicated
conditional ifdefs in the code, and to remove some hardcoded paths. Even
without the OSX code, I think this autoconf cleanup is a good thing.

Are the Motion developers open to incorporating these kinds of changes?

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