Hi all,

Total newbie here, hoping for some guidance on a novel(?) use of motion.  I do behavioral neuroscience research with earthworms, and want to use Motion to monitor the movement and position of an individual worm on a surface of about 15x15 inches.  I think that I can set the motion detection threshold low enough that I can detect the slow movement of the worm if images are not taken too frequently (something like a setting around 10 with images acquired every half second - still playing with the parameters).  Environment is controlled and lighting is constant, so I can work with a real low threshold like this.

Here's my question for now.  Documentation indicates that "Motion can execute external commands based on the motion detection and related events."  However, I can't find information concerning the nature of the command.  Is it a C statment? Can the command do something as eleborate as control the signal sent to the computer's parallel port?  If so I could exert the kind of experimental control that I need (e.g., worm moves far enough, turn off a light or turn on a vibratory stimulus).

See an earthworm in a running wheel at my web page: http://campus.albion.edu/wjwilson/research/

Apologies if this is an easy question and I just overlooked the obvious answer somewhere.  Thanks for any guidance,


W. Jeffrey Wilson
Professor, Psychology Department
Director, Neuroscience Program
Albion College