I ran into this problem with two of my 4 foscams. The problem is that the lighting
is at the edge of the level for switching to or from Night Vision. It happens to a lot
of different Night Vision cameras. What it is doing is trying to decide to turn the
Infra red LED's on or off (and if equipped, switch the IR filter on or off), but the light
level is such that it can't make a solid decision.

A simple way to fix this is to point the camera in a slightly direction. Preferably away
from a bright wall or surface. In your case, maybe point it up a little bit.

I it has to do with the LED reflecting light off the surface back to the camera sensor, the sensor deter-
mining that there is too much light so it turns off the LED's, then the sensor determines
that there is not enough light so it turns the LED's back on.

Hope this helps.
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> Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 13:51:07 +0100
> From: fcecamor@gmail.com
> To: motion-user@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Motion-user] Strange brightness during recording..
> Hello all,
> I'm finally using a stable configuration of motion by 3 days but some
> strange happens ..
> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21152890/error_cam.3gp
> (3gp is only for the rapid compression)
> The original recording is about 750MB and 42min where nothing move, just
> flashing..
> All other files are ok.. Only this..
> What can be the problem ?
> Can be the stupid camera firmware ?
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