Hi David!
Thanks for your quick reply!

I checked out your previous reply:

Although my and your problems are both ./configure problems, I don't think they are the same.
My problem (right now) involves libjpeg and there is nothing in your response that relates to this.

I have ffmpeg (not the one you suggested, see below) installed and working. Motion from the Repositories works fine with ffmpeg that is installed, though SVN motion trunk ./configure does not recognize it.

I have MYSQL and PostgreSQL installed and working, though the SVN motion trunk ./configure does not recognize them.
> > V4L support: Yes
> > V4L2 support: Yes
> > SDL support: Yes
> > FFmpeg support: No
> > SQLite3 support: No
> > MYSQL support: No
> > PostgreSQL support: No

I did however try a few things in your suggestion:

2 - download ffmpeg-motion.tar.gz ~  I can't seem to find an up-to-date site, or any site that is currently supporting this.
Is there an up-to-date version of this? I don't want to break anything that is already working by installing an older version.

3 - download motion-3.2.12.tar.gz ~  The version in the Ubuntu Repository is version 3.2.12

4 - install gcc ~  apt-get install (how you install from terminal on Ubuntu) says these (gcc, make, v4l-utils) are up-to-date.
5 - install make
6 - install v4l-utils

7 - install mysql-clients ~  apt-get install cannot find this package (it's probably depreciated as I've seen it in the past).

8 - ln -s /usr/include/libv4l1-videodev.h /usr/include/linux/videodev.h ~  neither file exists, but I do have
/usr/include/linux/videodev.h  Was this supposed to create a symbolic link using libv4l1-videodev.h? Since neither file exists,
and I don't use sym links often, I'm not sure which direction this was supposed to work.

16 - vi track.h (insert "#include <linux/videodev2.h>" into track.h on line 13, just after the alg.h include) ~  Since I have
/user/include/linux/videodev2.h I did make this change.

The results of ./configure are that nothing changed. I get the same errors.
Again, the only reason I need the SVN motion trunk is because I read somewhere that the "video_pipe" and "motion_video_pipe"
functions work with that version, and those are the only reasons I use Motion as opposed to any other software. I do have
Zoneminder up and running on another pc with my Foscams. My purpose with Motion is to stream local USB Webcams from my daily use pc and my parents daily use pc to that Zoneminder pc (or just record locally for security purposes), as well as stream those same webcams using SKYPE and GoogleTalk.

Thanks for your suggestions!
If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know, I am at a loss at this point.


> Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 19:52:15 -0600
> From: david@depowell.com
> To: motion-user@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: Re: [Motion-user] Cannot Configure/Compile from Motion svn/trunk
> I had similar problems a while back installing Motion on my Pogo Plug
> computers running ArchLinux. I had a lot of trouble getting it
> installed, but I took notes. (I sent these notes to the mailing list way
> back then, but I'll do it again here.)
> Here's what I had to do - note that this is to install Motion version
> 3.2.12 on a virgin Pogo with ArchLinux, so you probably will need to
> tweak them accordingly.
> 1 - cd /tmp (or wherever you have at least 150MB of space)
> 2 - download ffmpeg-motion.tar.gz (the one that is certified to work
> with Motion)
> 3 - download motion-3.2.12.tar.gz
> 4 - install gcc
> 5 - install make
> 6 - install v4l-utils
> 7 - install mysql-clients
> 8 - ln -s /usr/include/libv4l1-videodev.h /usr/include/linux/videodev.h
> 9 - tar -xvzf ffmpeg-motion.tar.gz
> 10 - tar -xvzf motion-3.2.12.tar.gz
> 11 - cd ffmpeg
> 12 - ./configure --disable-ffplay
> 13 - make (this step takes about an hour!)
> 14 - make install
> 15 - cd ../motion-3.2.12
> 16 - vi track.h (insert "#include <linux/videodev2.h>" into track.h on
> line 13, just after the alg.h include)
> 17 - ./configure
> 18 - make
> 19 - make install
> HTH.
> David
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