I've hit the same wall with VLC on other video sources. I've tried all different methods of codecs and containers with VLC, but motion doesn't like any of them.
Let me know if you discover any settings that work.

On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 5:30 PM, David W. Hodgins <davidwhodgins@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, 16 Sep 2010 04:08:31 -0400, Sebastian <shop@open-t.co.uk> wrote:

> it sounds like what you are after is using vlc, ffmpeg/ffserver,
> mencoder, or any other suitable software to capture the mpeg4/h.264
> stream, transcode it to an http mjpeg stream, and feed that to Motion.
> Last few weeks I've tried to get vlc to do a similar job - and their
> mjpeg transcoder seems utterly broken at the moment. Don't know much
> about mencoder. So I would suggest mencoder (if you are already familiar
> with it and know it will do it), or ffmpeg with ffserver.

I've been experimenting with this quite a bit.  The only method I've
gotten to the point where I can view the transcoded video is using vlc
with ...

cvlc -vvv rtsp:// \
    --no-sout-audio \
    --sout-keep \
    --sout '#transcode{vcodec=mjpg,vb=512,fps=5,width=720,height=480}:standard{access=http,mux=ts,dst=}'

I can then view the video using

Within vlc, I select Tools/Codec Information, it shows the codec as
"Motion JPEG Video (MJPG)

Running motion with "netcam_url", I get ...

[0] Processing thread 0 - config file /etc/motion.microseven.conf
[0] Motion 3.2.12 Started
[0] Thread 1 is from /etc/motion.microseven.conf
[0] motion-httpd/3.2.12 running, accepting connections
[0] motion-httpd: waiting for data on port TCP 8080
[1] Thread 1 started
[1] Error reading first header - re-trying
[1] connect() failed (103): Software caused connection abort
[1] Failed to open camera - check your config and that netcamera is online
[1] Failed to read first camera header - giving up for now
[1] Could not fetch initial image from camera
[1] Motion continues using width and height from config file(s)
[1] Resizing pre_capture buffer to 1 items
[1] Started stream webcam server in port 8082
[1] Resizing pre_capture buffer to 2 items
[1] Retrying until successful connection with camera

Any suggestions, on how to go about debugging this?

I'm not familiar with any aspects of video processing. I'm just
starting to learn the use of things like ffmpeg and mencoder.

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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