I just installed the latest Motion on my Ubuntu to work with my surveillance card. My surveillance card is one of those cheapo Ebay card with 4 inputs. After connected all the cameras, launched Motion at the command prompt and fired up my Firefox (pointing to http://<my ip addr>:8000), I can see "something" on my browser, but the quality is really bad. In fact I cant see much. There are vertical/horizontal lines moving thro.
I know there is something there, 'cos, when i waved at the camera, i can see the image changes. When i pointed a touchlight to the camera, i can see something very bright on the screen. So, there is something being fed thro the camera. The image is something like playing a NTSC movie on the PAL screen. In the motion.conf, i already specified it as PAL, as my cam is PAL.
Anyone has idea how can i resolve this problem?