I use mjpg-streamer as mentioned:

You have to have UVC compatible camera though...

Running 640x480 stream from Logitech Sphere MP gives a CPU load below 1%.
That stream is piped to motion.

Running motion alone gives CPU load about 95-98%  (running on small ARM device Seagate Dockstar, Marvell 1.2GHZ processor, 128MB RAM)
When mjpg-streamer stream is piped to motion for motion detection, CPU load produced by motion drops down to 68-69%.

In motion.conf you need to tell motion where is the stream coming from by specifying netcam_url value
Mine is as follows:
netcam_url http://localhost:8082/?action=stream
and of course, when running mjpg_streamer, you need to specify a port in to which is the stream streamed, in this case 8082

Hope that helps,


On 1/30/2013 2:43 AM, hemathor wrote:

Maybe try using mjpg-streamer to capture a video stream and then pipe it 
to the motion for detection.
mjpg-streamer has very low CPU load (2-4%).
which software do you use for that?

i use ffmpeg/ffserver and cpu-load is at least 10-15%. with vlc even higher...


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