Well if it truly is a CPU resource problem the easiest way is to "nice" the motion process at startup. ie the shell script that launches motion has the word "nice" before the motion command. You can arrange all your processes in terms of the need for real time processing too. The dvb recorder probably needs the highest priority for example.

"man nice" is your friend here, "top" will give you an idea of what is happening dynamically.

It is worth pointing out though that samba and p2p are reasonably I/O intensive, so your bottleneck may even be the disk channel related. You can see that by the simple expedient of viewing the HDD LED during high motion, samba and p2p activity. If it stays on solidly that will be far more important to tackle than CPU loading.

Cheers Bob

On 27/01/13 05:28, Fabio Cecamore wrote:
Hi Colin,
the problem is that pc is not used only for this, i'm using it for p2p, 
dlna, samba, dvb-t recording and openvpn server.
20% is not high but I want add more cam without "kill" al other 
Is there a way to reduce cpu use (frame rate maybe) when it is not 
recording ?