Well it was stated that a text file with that info is now included in the kernel tree (ie in the Documentation subdir), but I saw elsewhere it wasnt. I grep'd it from the driver source a while ago, but I note the kernel source I now have no longer lists 128. I would suspect they "fixed" the bandwidth problem permanently. This is all of course clouded by my use of the oldish kernel!

I now have a larger problem with the computer now hanging! I may even look at downgrading the kernel now.. I have just disabled the MB USB ports and changed both cameras to MJPEG palette running on the PCI USB card. It is working okay for the moment. I just want it going for a trip away (ie for house security) so I'll leave the scientific fiddling for when I get back!

The uvc project is more or less here;

I wondered about that pasted/zagged chunks thing. Yes I have seen that here too. I have also removed the IR filter from these cameras and change the colour/contrast/bright etc through v4lctl to get better night images. I think though that the "focus" is badly affected by the sensitivity up into IR now. The shorter lambda light and all that. My driver interest is actually around only making the red sensors active for that reason. Am also playing with IR LEDs.

What is your actual USB/hardware setup and what palettes are you using?


On 04/25/2011 09:05 PM, GSO wrote:
Are quirks documented anywhere?

The only linux I've been able to get all my webcams (3xLogitech and a Trust) working on has been RedHat - otherwise the Trust is often not supported, or interference between cameras: chunks of the image cut and paste themselves around the image (sometimes blocks, other times jagged chunks) and possibly from one camera to another.