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Hello List,

i successfully built a 4 channel dvr, using a 4 chip bt878 card with
768x576@25fps. Now Iīm trying to do the same with 8 inputs on an 8
chip saa7134 board plus two inputs on a 4 input 1 chip bt878. The
1chip card works as expected, but with the 8 chip card i can only use
512x384, anything larger yields in distorted images. The error looks
like shuffled lines or misread/faulty memory, and it only appears,
when thereīs motion in the picture, a still image works fine. Iīd
like to use 768x576 or 640x480 on this machine. Watching multiple
inputs with mplayer works fine at these sizes without distortions.
- - Lack of RAM? The machine got 2GB, top says thereīs some 500MB free.
- - Lack of Bandwidth? Might the PCI-Bus be too slow to handle the
data? How much data is there to expect from 768x576 with palette yv12?
- - Lack of Horsepower? Itīs a c2d 6420, top says 35% idle.
Neither dmesg nor syslog show anything helpful.

My questions:
- - How can i calculate the data rates? Are there any formulas, rules
of thumb,...?
- - Any other ideas?

kind regards and thanks in advance
Peter Marquardt
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