Ted wrote:
Jeff, I was able to get Cambozola under FC6. When I would run ANT in the 
Cambozola directory I would get errors and I thought the build was 
failing. Well I looked in the 'Dist" directory and there were the 'jar' 
files. I copied these over to my root html directory and IT WORKED!

If anybody would like to take a look; I have opend up my page to the forum.
user: motion, pass: forum 

 If you have any hints or suggestions please let me know. The live feeds 
my be a little slow. I have round_robin set to 10 and there are 3 live 

Please be kind to the server.

Thanks all




Can you verify that you actually built it and that it wasn't already included in the distribution?

I suppose renaming the cambozola.jar file to something else, running ant, and then seeing if a new cambozola.jar is created would verify.


Jeff G.