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Morse Code Madness / News: Recent posts

New Version

1.3 Alpha is released... please try it out and help in debugging it!

There is a major facelift in the planning; work should begin soon.

Posted by Harshad Sharma 2005-04-28

New Upload Seems Good

The new upload of the alpha-1 version seems good. I downloaded and unzipped it just fine. Soryy for any trouble. We are having to learn how to use SourceForge as well as do the program. Look for changed within the week. Have fun!

Posted by Kristian Rohls 2003-05-18

Corrupt File Release - Sorry!

OK, for some reason the first file uploaded was messed up. I will post it in two places from now on.
I just reloaded it here, and you can also find the Source

Posted by Kristian Rohls 2003-05-17

Interesting Source Code

Here is some C code that is very interesting. It is very relevant to what we are doing with our Morse Transceiver. This C code takes the output of a FFT and detects the tones and spaces and tunrs it into morse code which it then displays as text.
If I get some time I'll see if that code can help us any.

Link to C code:

Posted by Kristian Rohls 2003-05-15

Project Up and Running!

Finally, Got past all the documentation on Sourceforge, the Bash shell, and VI editor to post this thing. If you don't know what all that is...good! It means your running MS Windows (God bless you!)
You may download the source code for this project now.
I hope to be updating it within a week.

Posted by Kristian Rohls 2003-05-15