Bob Denny - 2011-06-25

Hi all -

I've updated the Morse News and Morse Keyer programs to version 2.1. I've also updated the Morse Code Tools web site so it's easier to find the place to report bugs, post feature requests, get help, and discuss these programs.  If you have V2.0,  just run the V2.1 installer to update. No need to uninstall. Here are the release notes showing the changes:

Morse Code Tools V2.1

Version 2.1 brings you the following bug fixes and
improvements to Morse News and Morse Keyer:

- It is now possible to adjust the tone envelope shape
  in Morse News (when using the default DirectX mode).
  You can have hard or soft keying now. Click the
  "Sound cfg" link to access the setting.

- The "story age" setting now means "don't send stories
  older than this, period."

- Twitter screen names have been moved into the story
  body similar to the story source (AP, REUTERS, etc.)
  in RSS news feeds.

- Twitter screen names are now capitalized

- Maximum speed is now 60 WPM. Note that higher speeds
  may produce unsatisfctory timing on slow machines.

- Several memory leaks have been plugged. The programs
  can be left running continuously without adverse

- Message numbering has been fixed, and numbering is
  reset to 1 at local midnight.

- Twitter API usage was fixed for /search timelines.

To download the update, click the web site link above or

and use the Download button (in either case).