Meshes dissapear at close range

  • illuminati

    illuminati - 2010-03-04

    Hello everybody.  In my quest for another fantasy/medieval type RPG, (Oblivion and Gothic III were disappointments and I've already played Arx Fatalis, Risen, etc!) I have come across this device to make my experience with Morrowind a more up-to-date one.  I've downloaded many graphical enhancement mods, and got distant lands working wonderfully as well as a few really nice shader effects.  The results are stunning, however when I get up close to a mesh it disappears (both the mesh and the collision mask).  Does this have to do with a distant lands error or am I configuring something wrong?

    One more question, for any graphical mod, must I disable it under Data Files if it's being used by the Distant Lands Generator?  I know this is the case for the swaying grass mod .  Thanks everybody and I hope this project continues for a while and doesn't lose steam!  It seems as of late that people have been going back to Morrowind and experimenting with mods in order to create a more graphically appealing experience.

    - illuminati

  • Tim macsay

    Tim macsay - 2010-03-26

    Well as far as i know, only the grass needs to be disabled in data files. I have not needed to disable anything else. As for the disappearing meshes, you got me.  Its possible your having a conflict with something else, or setup something wrong in MGE.  When you got alot of mods to make morrowind beautiful, the best way to handle it is install one thing at a time. I would reinstall morrowind fresh, Setup MGE fresh, then start adding your mods one at a time testing each one to make sure then work. Save distant land creation for last.  This is a long process, but this is how i have done it. I almost never see a glitch.


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