Cannot Find Missing .dll

Cadhla Cox
  • Cadhla Cox

    Cadhla Cox - 2009-07-30

    I installed Morrowind Script Extender and Morrowind graphics Extender, I'm not sure if they have compatibility issues or not.  I tried to start Morrowind and I got ---Cannot run because the program cannot find the file "d3d8_40.dll" to start application---
    I'm sorry I don't know the whole error message, I was just wondering if there are any compatibility issues?

    • Rene Kuhs

      Rene Kuhs - 2009-09-06

      As far as i know this occurs when DirectX isn't fully installed. I would try to download DirectX 9.0c  again and install it fully and see if the problem still exists. I doubt this is a compatability error but I could be wrong of course.

  • Sean Sube

    Sean Sube - 2009-09-13

    That error is caused by not having the proper version of DirectX (as rene13cross said).
    The d3d9_40 DLL is from the November 2008 redistributable.

    At this point, you should have the March 2009 version of DirectX 9.0c installed, as MGE 117+ requires that to run. :)


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