#3 Crash if Morrowind registry keys missing

MGEgui (4)

If morrowind has never been executed on a computer, MGEGui.exe will crash as it attempts to read a Morrowind Registry key. There is no error handing in the event this key does not exist. This will result in the user being unable to launch morrowind to fix the problem, as the program refuses to allow it to be launched without being configured first. The user has to delete both DLLs to get morrowind to launch to configure it, then reinstall.


  • Krzysztof Markowski

    It's been resolved in my private build about month ago (640x480 is set by default if there is no registry key), but there were other new problems with MGE so it wasn't released then.
    Right now I don't have Morrowind installed, so you need to wait a while for fixed release.

  • Sean Sube

    Sean Sube - 2009-09-14

    I have code to take care of this in the gui now, including defaulting to 640x480 if it can't read the true resolution. In addition, better installation instructions and a default config will be included with rev118.

  • LizTail

    LizTail - 2010-05-23
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  • LizTail

    LizTail - 2010-05-23
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