#2 GUI Interface Not Entirely "Custom Screen DPI"-friendly

MGEgui (4)

The MGE GUI, in a manner similar to many programs (commercial and homebrew alike), has an interface which functions properly at normal screen DPI settings. When one adjusts the screen display DPI setting for more comfortable UI and font viewing via the Display control panel applet in Microsoft Windows, many programs, including MGE, do not fully account for said adjustment. Control labels become partially obscured, and UI items become "scrunched." Being conscientious developers, as well as Morrowind fanatics, I would imagine that the MGE team would be glad to accomodate us folks who like to sit more than four feet from our computer displays.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Note obscured control labels when a higher custom screen DPI is selected.

  • Krzysztof Markowski

    I'll look what can be done with that.

    Standard dialog boxes (i.e. using Windows resources) would be rescaled because they use dialog units dependent on used font and DPI, but this is .NET application, and it creates windows and adds controls to them on fly, so it doesn't use dialog units, but screen units. That means the program would need to recalculate position and sizes of all controls (including window size) every time window is created.

    I'll search for .NET function that would translate screen units to dialog units, or make own function resizing window and controls if DPI is known (but that would slow down creation and displaying of every window).

  • LizTail

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