#282 isomorph "--add boot" command option now fails


Hi guys,

Thanks for making a very good tool, and especially for your continuing work in updating and improving it.

However, sometime between about October and the end of last year the --add boot command for isomorph started to fail. I have been following your progress in tracking the changes in the Linux kernel, because I needed a kernel that would both utilise SATA drives and allow read/write access to NTFS disks. The recent autobuilds around the 2.6.23 kernel do these jobs well.

Very good, but I also need to amend the boot parameters, basically to cope automatically with en-GB keyboards and associated changes. The bundle of morphix tools available until October/November (about when experiments with 2.6.21 kernels started) did this well. Today though the isomorph command fails with an error, "sed -e expression#1, char 58: Unknown option to 's'". I suspect that this is a transcription typo when updating the scripts, because the isomorph --del boot command continues to work without any error.

Over to you, and thanks again.


  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith - 2008-01-16
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  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith - 2008-01-16

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    After submitting the above I have had time to continue investigation, and have found a basic cause and a workaround for me. It is now clear that the difficulty is not really a "bug" and my assignment of a start time was wrong. I have now therefore taken the priority right down to the lowest level.

    The problem is that a forward slash "/" character in any of the added boot parameters is passed through to sed by the perl interpreter and then prevents the proper operation of sed, causing the error noted above. This failure is important because it stops any of the files needed in boot/grub on the CD from being copied into place. Result - an unbootable CD.

    These slash characters are not used in many kernel parameters except in one form of the tz parameter controlling the time zone of the OS clock eg tz=Europe/London. This was what I needed to set, but fortunately the tz=GMT parameter is equivalent. So my workaround is to substitute the second for the first form. I am not sure that all time zones have alternative forms, so other people may not be so fortunate.

    The possibility of a failure to boot should, I suggest, be indicated by a warning that these characters should not be used in parameters, in the documentation/manual page for isomorph. It is also possible that a change to single quotes for the string of parameters might also stop the error, but I have not checked this. The manual page does show double quotes in the example.

    Andrew Smith

  • Alex de Landgraaf

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  • Alex de Landgraaf

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    Hey Andrew,

    The --add boot option was added by bmsleight, so I'm assigning this bug to him. I think simply using single-quotes will fix this, but will leave the changes to bmsleight.


    Alex de Landgraaf

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