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I recently have morphed my own morphix livecd which I would like to improve a little.

Because I installed quite a few packages and set up a database I don't want to rebuild the whole CD again. I thought it would instead be a good idea to extract the main module from my existing .iso file and chroot into it to perform the changes.

When I excute 'morphix-chroot <mymodule>.mod' it starts unpacking the contents of the module and at some point it keeps spamming messages like 'No more space left on device' to the console. When I finally get to the chrooted environment many things aren't working properly like apt-get or mysql.

I tried to add a few GB's of swapspace to prevent the system of running out of writable space, but that didn't solve the problem.

Where does morphix actually write to when it writes to /tmp/morphix-chroot.XYZ ?
Is there a way to extend the writable space, have a symlink or another writable branch in the union?

System Information:

OS: MorphingMorphix LiveCD
SwapSpace: 3.2G
Module Size: 472M
RAM: 2048M
HD: 32GB Free


  • Brendan Sleight

    Brendan Sleight - 2006-11-18
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  • Cédric Wider

    Cédric Wider - 2006-11-21

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    Thanks a lot for your info.
    I finally found a workaround (or the way to do it correctly).
    To get the above error, I manually mounted my /dev/sda3 to /mnt/hda3 with no additional options. - Then I found a howto on the net, where it says that the -o dev has to be used. - Using the GUI-Tool on the original MorphingMorphix CD was a big help.
    In the resulting script I saw that there is much more executed than I've ever seen in any howto.
    sudo mount /mnt/sda3 -o dev,suid
    sudo mount --bind /var/tmp/.X11-unix/X0 /mnt/sda3/mmorphix/tmp/.X11-unix/X0
    sudo sudo ln -sf /mnt/sda3/mmorphix/tmp /

    I think these lines are responsible for success/failure of the morphix-chroot command.

  • Cédric Wider

    Cédric Wider - 2006-11-21
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  • Brendan Sleight

    Brendan Sleight - 2006-11-22

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    morphix-chroot when runs with parameters gives :-
    Usage: /usr/sbin/morphix-chroot MainModule.mod

    This script extracts a MainModule, then drops you into the root of the file system
    We can make any changes we need to the MainModule, it is just like you are running the compressed file system, rather than the current filesystem.
    Once finished we re-compresses the MainModule

    The MainModule must be on a partition that has been mounted with the option dev, (-o dev)

    Also the man page http://www.morphix.org/doc/how_tos/all_man_pages/html/ar01s13.html

    Both give the warning that the partition must be mounted with the option dev, (-o dev)


  • Brendan Sleight

    Brendan Sleight - 2006-11-22
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