Release 0.5.34943.26692

Features implemented (Based on fwknop version 1.9.11) :

- Access to one or more ports.
- Resolve External IP (Using
- Random port Destination.
- Nat Local.
- Nat Random Port.
- Forward.
- Fixed Source Port.
- Fixed Server Port.
- Send Command to the Server.
- Spoof User.
- Spoof Protocol (For UDP/TCP/ICMP).
- ICMP Type.
- ICMP Code.
- Favorite List, that save all the parameters except the connection key.

Features for next versions :

- Implement GPG.
- Allow to Open multiple port on Forward/Nat Local mode.
- Implement UI and Library Localization.
- Redesign the UI and add a little more of color to the UI.
- Launch an Application after sending the SPA Packet.

Feature that will not be implemented :

- Spoof Source IP.
- Port Knocking Methods.

Posted by Daniel López 2009-07-26

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