#104 suggestion: change key for "Run Tests"

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CTRL+R is the default Eclipse key for "Run to Cursor", and unfortunately, MoreUnit overrides that for the "Run Tests" action.

Could we change that default behavior?


  • Vera Henneberger

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  • Vera Henneberger

    You can change the behaviour in the Preferences > General > Keys to whatever you like.

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    Anonymous - 2013-03-05

    Thanks, gianasista!

    I understand I can change the mapping (and I have), but I'm saying the /default/ mapping should not override standard Eclipse behavior.

    Am I making sense?

  • Nicolas Demengel

    Hi Alchemist,

    Of course it makes sense. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard not to have a conflict with an existing shortcut, either a standard one or one defined by another plugin. Moreover, what is a "standard" shortcut today might not have been one yesterday...
    I have to admit that "Ctrl+R" has been a standard shortcut for a long time, sadly I dit not check for the debug mode when I introduced it two years ago. Now, many MoreUnit's users are used to it too, so I don't know what the best solution could be :-/


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