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We recently updated our installation from 0.7.3 to
0.7.4 and since the upgrade our incoming email is shown
twice in the view pane of webmail, both html and text.
This makes for unecessarily long emails. Can I
configure to only view text or html emails but not
both? TIA


  • dtmattjie

    dtmattjie - 2007-01-03

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    I have the same problem!!!
    Do you know how can I solution this? It´s so important...

  • dtmattjie

    dtmattjie - 2007-01-08

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    Re: Webmail view shows both html and text

    Hi Dionatan,

    This problem is fixed in cvs. If you do not want to use cvs then just go to this link and
    do a right click Save Target (or Save Link As) on the "download" link:




    Good morning Jim,

    I download the archive "readmessage_inc.php" in my directory /var/www/html/webmail/modules/webmail2/inc/ and replace "readmessage_inc.php". After set the rights and reboot my server, the problem persists...
    The process was executed correctly?




    After some tests, I arrived at the following result!

    It is function correctly in the majority of the cases, but if type only one word, it´s still duplicate the sentense...

    For exemple: Dionatan
    We read: Dionatan

    In any way already it solved our problem, congratulations!!!

    Best regards

  • dtmattjie

    dtmattjie - 2007-01-09

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    Hi Dionatan,

    AFAIK there is no RFC/standards document that specifically deals with the inclusion of plain text versions for html formatted email messages. So I am really shooting in the dark addressing this problem.

    This creates an issue where you will can have more than one plain/text mime part on the same level in the email and there isn't necessarily anything that identifies which is the plain text copy of the html part. Like I said there's no documented right way so I'm working with samples from serveral email sending clients as test cases. Even if you had a standard to follow, you would try to accomodate as much non-standard output as possible.

    Part of dealing with some email that I would consider "malformed", included ignoring very small text parts. Specifically I am not considering any text parts less than 10 characters to be plain text copies of a full html email. Perhaps this could be improved upon, but for now you will see both versions for very short emails.

    Useful features in a mail client (that I think I've seen somewhere before) might include the ability to selectively display hidden parts (e.g. the plain/text version) and also to display the entire email in its raw 7 bit mime encoded format. Most users wouldn't care about that, but both features would give someone the ability to display all emails.

    Another improvement would be including a webmail2 setting that would allow the user to select which of the two parts to display, always the html or always the plain text. Since this is a
    webmail client and I wanted to fix this bug without changing the database, I am currently always selecting the html version for display.

    Note that above I put "malformed" in quotes because I do not believe there is a standard definition of this behavior. In fact a feature such as this that actually hides part of the email might be considered non-standard, even though most of the clients do it. Note also that I am not an email messaging "expert" so suggestions and ideas are always welcome.


    Jim Wilson

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