#99 Problem installing calendar (duplicate key)

Calendar (7)

If you have this error :
Program: ... /modules/calendar/index.php
File: ... /modules/calendar/setup/install.php
Line: 5

Error (SQL):
INSERT INTO mgw_calendar_appt_type (id, type, color)
VALUES (0, 'meeting', '#CDF5F5')

Error (MSG):
Duplicate entry '0' for key 1

... please update from last CVS, specially :

... and please don't report this as new bug. It's
solved in CVS.


  • Matthieu PAINEAU

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • TerminalSpin

    TerminalSpin - 2005-07-11

    Logged In: YES

    These patches didn't solve the problem for me :-(

    Instead I tried increasing the memory_limit in php.ini to
    64M - this seems to have fixed it.

  • Matthieu PAINEAU

    Logged In: YES

    After updating from CVS, have you exactly the same error
    (duplicate key) ??
    It's important.

  • TerminalSpin

    TerminalSpin - 2005-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    The error was still a duplicate key - in the same piece of
    SQL (I think), during the install of the Calendar module.

    More details:-
    I installed moregroupware 0.7.3 on two (similar spec)
    machines on Saturday. Both machines had a clean install of
    Ubuntu 5.04 running apache-ssl, PHP4 and MySQL4.0

    On the first machine (which I was using for testing), the
    current release version of moregroupware installed fine,
    along with all the modules including the Calendar.

    Then, on the second machine, I only installed moreGroupware,
    and encountered the calendar module Duplicate Key install

    The only difference between the two machines was that I had
    initially tried Egroupware on the first one. I found that it
    didn't fit my requirements, so I moved onto Moregroupware
    (which is much more the type of thing that I'm looking for -
    nice job, btw!)

    Part of the setup of Egroupware was to specify that the
    memory_limit on php.ini needed to increase.

    When I got the duplicate key errors on the live machine, I
    tried applying the patch - only the three scripts indicated,
    not the whole CVS branch, having noted the amended SQL in

    I still got the same error, so I went back to 0.7.3, bearing
    in mind that it had worked fine just a few hours earlier on
    the test machine, and I applied the php.ini memory_limit

    This seems to have fixed the problem for us now, I hope this

  • Sancenot François

    Logged In: YES

    I had the same problem, it has been fixed by changing the
    the php.ini memory_limit at 64 (It was 8)


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