#90 shared calendar -almost finished


Here is a new patch for the calendar module
and we're ALMOST finished. Just two more tweaks.

The idea is to have a weekish view,
except that instead of the days being printed
on the top of the coloumns, each username is printed. And
the contents of each "day" has now become
each user`s appointments-view for today. The point of this
is to enable any user to see all the appointments
the other users have.

Okay what needs to be done is:
1 - The appointments doesn't come up in the correct row.
That is, eg. thomas
is printed in the far-left row, and the appointments is
printed in another row.

2 - The date-picker doesn't point to "todayshared.php".
The best thing would be to
make a code that sees when a user selects a date from
"todayshared.php" page, it automatically redirects to
the correctdate with "todayshared.php" instead of

Now, just extract my attached file in $MGW_HOME/modules
(after backing up $MGW_HOME/modules/calendar of course),
my code is in "run.php" and it's somehow implemented in


  • Karsten Dambekalns

    Logged In: YES

    Now it would be awesome of there was some file to extract... :)

  • smueller72

    smueller72 - 2005-02-14

    Logged In: YES

    I second that - where are the files that are being referred
    to? Has the been completed?


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