#87 sort order for workplaces

Marshal N

The module I am currently developing includes selecting
a workplace from a select box. My customer requested
being able to set an arbitrary sort order for the
workplaces. Attached is my implementation of that. I
have attempted to take all factors into consideration,
including adding a sort order to a previously unsorted

A large part of the patch is adding a single line to
each language file (all English, of course).

If you think this would be useful to others, please
consider it for inclusion.


  • Marshal N

    Marshal N - 2004-12-13

    sort order for workplaces

  • Karsten Dambekalns

    • assigned_to: nobody --> k-fish
  • Karsten Dambekalns

    Logged In: YES

    I had a look, the patch applies cleanly (apart from the ro
    lang file). This adds a field where I can enter a (numeric)
    key to define the order of the workplaces.

    Question to anyone who reads this: Is this useful for the
    general audience? Or should rather alphabetical ordering be

    Marshal, could you add a settings option to chose between
    alphabetical ordering or ordering according to the numeric
    key? That would be my favourite :)

  • Marshal N

    Marshal N - 2004-12-28

    Logged In: YES

    I've added a select box which allows the user to choose
    which field to sort by (id, name, description, sort_order).
    The default is currently sort_order.

    Two things still need to be added: First, use Javascript to
    reload the page when the select box is changed. Second, add
    a setting for workplacemanager to save the default sort
    order. Help with these, especially the setting, is greatly
    appreciated, as are any comments on how it looks.

  • Marshal N

    Marshal N - 2005-06-02

    Logged In: YES

    Updated patch. Removed changes which were already
    incorporated, and removed duplicate entries.


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