New translation, new features

Hi out there!

Finally some good news again: Inspired by the choice available at Google, a volunteer offered to provide a Klingon translation of more.groupware. Understandably this is most exciting, as it makes it possible to extend the user base by a fair amount of 'people'!

Another news is the arrival of MIM - the More.groupware Instant Messenger. It can be seen in latest CVS code, and is still a bit experimental. Give it a try, so we can squash any bugs as fast as possible.

And - finally - the calendar will be rewritten: The team that brought us 'Safari' has decided to dump their use of Entourage, and they will switch to more.groupware. First they will work on the calendar, and give the changes back to the community to express their gratitude.

That's it for now, and remember: 'Use the date, Luke!'

Posted by Karsten Dambekalns 2003-04-01

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